Getting Started with the Groupware

2.4. Signing in, Signing out

In order to sign in you need to know the server address, your username and your password. This information is provided by your administrator or hosting provider.

How to sign in to the server:

  1. Open a web browser.

  2. Enter the server address in the address bar. The login window will be displayed.

  3. Enter your username and your password. Note that they are case-sensitive.

  4. To save your credentials locally, enable Stay signed in.

    Warning: Only use this option if this machine is used solely by you. When signing in to a public machine do not use this option.

  5. Click on Sign in.

    Note: If you enter the wrong username or password an error message is displayed. Enter the correct information.

How to sign out:

  1. Click the System menu iconon the right side of the menu bar. Click on Sign out. The login window will be displayed.

    Depending on the groupware configuration, there is a Sign out icon .

  2. If anyone else has access to the machine, close the browser.

Warning: If you close the web browser tab without signing out, you stay signed in to the server. If another person enters the server address, this person is automatically signed in with your username and has full access to your data.

Always sign out from the server when you are finished working.

Warning: Your credentials might stay in the system memory as long as your browser is open. This can be a security risk. Close the browser to remove your credentials from the system memory.